500k+ Bilingual Candidate Data Base in Asia

We have one of the largest active bilingual candidate databases for managerial and specialist positions who can speak English and local languages. We locate them through research, job boards and referrals.

17 Cities in Asia

RGF has one of the largest regional networks with 24 offices in 17 cities providing consistently superior HR solutions which creates high performance organizations.

High Speed & Volume with Quality

We understand the immediate business goals and problems clients are facing. We work with as a sense of urgency to identify high quality candidates for open managerial and specialist positions. We set a realistic timeframe to complete the recruitment process with follow up monitoring.

Trusted Career Advisory Specialization

We take the time to get to know our candidates in terms of their career goals and aspirations as we identify open positions that are a potential good fit for their skills and experience. We offer career planning advice and coaching support to be fully prepared to make the best interview impression as they move through the recruitment process.

Industrial & Functional Specialists Consultants

Our individual consultants have built exceptional candidate networks through referrals and engagement with decision makers, they are well-known in their local markets and around Asia.