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Recruitment consultancies are entryways to the best jobs in the market with the biggest companies. They are more than just a transaction. A long-term relationship should be built as they are able to help you find suitable new jobs for your career path even when you are not looking.

“The recruitment consultancy you use should work as a consultant to you and be your career partner for the long haul,” states Sachin Kulshrestha, Managing Director, RGF Professional Recruitment India. “Recruitment consultants have extensive knowledge about industry, companies, roles and even candidate skillsets, and can act as your adviser. They can also help you create and refine your online profile or CV and give constructive feedback to help you succeed in your job hunt.”

Mr Kulshrestha adds, "furthermore, choosing a good recruitment agency and staying with them is the most ideal. Good recruiters are able to give personal career advice to each of their candidates and will be aware of the skills, strengths and areas of development as you grow in your career. Most importantly, they will be able to advise on the right cultural fit with the right companies.”

Be Prepared for The First Meeting

  • These companies will need to meet you in person before submitting your CV to a hiring manager.
  • A recruiter’s reputation is always on the line whenever they put forth a candidate for a job — meaning that they have to make sure that you are able to perform well in person.
  • How you present yourself to your recruiter will hence affect what roles they decide are suited for you.
  • Make sure you put the best version of yourself forward from the start.

Be Transparent

  • As a jobseeker, you would obviously want a career that is most suited for you.
  • By being clear about what jobs you actually want, the staffing agency will avoid suggesting you for roles that you have no interest in.
  • This will also allow for a more efficient working relationship.
  • Your recruiter can’t help you if you don’t let them.

Maintain Contact

  • HR agencies get many different talented jobseekers a week and it’s important not to get lost in the sea of applicants.
  • Stay in touch with your recruiter once in a while with a phone call or by email to signal to them that you’re still keen to remain in your current career path.
  • A catch-up with your recruiter can also provide you with updates on the latest industry trends and skills that companies are looking for.
  • By staying on your recruiter’s mind, you increase your chances of being put forward for jobs.
  • Through your recruiter’s large network you have access to clients and projects you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.
  • Your recruiter will connect you with roles that match your skills and where you are a cultural fit to the company. This saves you time in your job search.

Get Insider Tips from Your Recruiter

  • Executive recruiters navigate through their respective industries day in and day out.
  • They know what’s happening in the employment marketplace overall and their clients’ industry in particular.
  • They are experts in the recruitment process as they deal with the most talented applicants.
  • You can have access to all this information when you partner with a recruiting agency.
  • Ask specific questions about the company your recruiter has offered you; they will be able to give you a lead on what to expect from the interview.
  • Doing this will ensure that you play your strengths and increases your chance of securing the job.
  • Through their contacts and relationships with clients, your recruiter will have access to jobs that are not always publicly listed.

Request for Critiques and Feedback

  • Do not get discouraged if you don’t land your first interview.
  • See it as a learning opportunity to be better prepared for the next placement.
  • Your recruiter will be in touch with your interviewer and will be able to let you know what your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Through your recruiter’s feedback, you can improve on how you conduct yourself for future interviews.
  • Take note of their suggestions to make your CV as strong as possible. 


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